Quilts 4 Kids

Christchurch Mail, 21 May 2008



Quilts 4 Kids
was founded in 2006 by Linda Wright, Judy Clark, Bru Wilton and me, to
make quilts
to give to children aged up to 16, who have chronic or life-threatening
illnesses. They often have to spend a lot of time in hospital, and a
familiar quilt is cheerful and comforting. Since the earthquakes we
have also been giving quilts to children who have suffered
trauma;  whose homes  have been
damaged, or who are living in difficult

We expected to make maybe three or four quilts a year, but we were soon joined by several other enthusiastic quilters. We have had donations of fabrics, and complete or partly finished quilts. We now have about twenty members, and  have given away up to fifty quilts a year. They have gone to children with cancer, heart and kidney problems, cystic fibrosis, burns and spinal injuries, and many other conditions. Parents  too have been comforted by these unexpected gifts from strangers. It is very hard work, frightening and tiring, coping with a very sick child and often with other issues. We also give quilts to siblings, as they suffer too from the  family's stress.

Each child chooses his or her own quilt, and their name  is written on the back. The maker or makers of the quilt are also named, and often they receive acknowledgement from the child and/ or the family.
Some of us  
are grandmothers, and all of us are enthusiastic needlewomen, of all
levels of ability. Every one has her unique strengths or skills, which
we share.

These are some of the quilts which we have given away.

Our  main expense is the fluffy batting which goes in the middle of the
quilts. We use tetron as it dries quickly and is easy to quilt.
We buy a 50 metre roll every year, and share it out among members.  It has just doubled in price. As we are not a registered charity we do not apply for grants, but run a raffle once or twice a year.